Also known as 'Crystal Clear'
This original bestseller from FLEXMIRROR series is known for its exceptional brilliance and distortion-free reflection.

Also known as 'Acoustic'
This sound absorbing FLEXMIRROR panel combines the brilliance of a mirror and the functionality of an acoustical panel. This is achieved through a special surface treatment in conjunction with a sound absorbing base.

Also known as 'Semi Transparent'
This revolutionary product works on light settings and angles to cancel out reflections. It's WOW effect draws all attention to your object and takes the product presentation or company logo to a whole new level.

Also known as 'Super Brilliant'
This FLEXMIRROR is excellent for projection and light deflection applications. With 96-98% reflectivity, this mirror is our most reflective product.

The FLEXMIRROR® is a superior alternative to conventional mirrors. Also known as foil mirror, it uses proprietary technology and high-end engineering to provide exceptional clarity of reflection surpassed only by complex dielectric mirrors used in high-tech optical equipment.